Training Camp for the Girls Athletics Team

Date: 27/06/2018

Our Girls Athletics Team joined a training camp from 25th to 27th June at JPC@Pat Heung. In those three days, all of the members engaged in enjoyable and exciting activities which they experienced and learnt a lot from.


On the first day of camp, they had Rope Course and Zip Line training. Despite the fact that some of the teammates were afraid of heights, they managed to step out of their comfort zone and finish both acts. Apart from challenging their limits, they also experienced wearing a flak jacket and learned basic gun shooting skills. In the morning, they had physical training before breakfast. Though the training was harsh and exhausting, everyone still pressed on through!


To train their team spirit, the camp also offered adventure-based activities. Students were separated into groups to complete multiple tasks such as passing a hula hoop among the groupmates with their hands tied. Such invaluable experiences made them closer and more capable of working as a team.


Camp activities were physically demanding in general and the daily routine was strict, but they trained our students’ inner strength and discipline. All in all, it was a rewarding experience for all of them.