Support Measures in Response to the Epidemic

Date: 27/04/2020

This school year is challenging for our S6 cohort: the HKDSE been delayed, which might have disrupted candidates’ study plans and mental preparation; besides, the epidemic which has caused such a delay and cut their final school year short could be a significant source of pressure for many.


Due to the unique circumstances, it is imperative to provide support to S6 students. We have been blessed with generous support from the entire school staff, parents and alumni. The surgical masks and hand sanitisers they have donated, together with snacks and a note of encouragement penned by Principal Wan herself, have now reached the hands of our S6 students. We hope this would offer the right amount of material comfort to maintain their morale in trying times.


Since our school is a DSE exam centre, precautionary measures are implemented to ensure safety and campus hygiene. At the school entrance, candidates will be asked to apply hand sanitisers provided before entering school property; thermal cameras have been installed to screen out those whose body temperature is at or higher than the alert level. Such candidates will have their body temperature retaken at a designated area with partitions installed. To contain the spread of coronavirus, portable partitions will be readily available during every DSE session to isolate candidates showing symptoms of infection. The school will ensure that these precautionary measures are always strictly enforced in the entire exam period.


We wish all S6 students good luck and good health so that they would deliver their very best performance in the DSE.