The Inter-school Tennis Competition

Date: 01/03/2018

3B Wong Hoi Yuen Henry

This year was the first year that our school has participated in the Inter-school Tennis Competition. I am really glad that we participated in this event because we made Hoi Ping history!

At the beginning, when I looked at the opponents in the competition schedule (Ying Wa College and King George V International School) I just wanted to enjoy the match. But when I was on the court, everything changed. I was very nervous, and although I tried to calm myself, the result was not satisfactory.

“Losing is not your enemy; fear of losing is your enemy.”This quote is from my idol, Rafael Nadal. It has always reminded me that when I play I need to enjoy the game and not put too much pressure on myself. I hope that soon I will be able to enjoy myself more on the court. This year is a year for me to gain experience, and to learn by playing with different teams. The Inter-school Tennis Competition has come to an end, but I am really looking forward to the games next year.


5F Lau Tsz Ching

This year was the first year our tennis team joined the Inter-School Tennis Competition and we won two out of the four matches. Though our tactics failed to advance us to the final this time, we will not give up under any circumstances. We gained lots of experience and will show substantial improvement in the Inter-school Tennis Competition next year!